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JD43TDPR -4.3inch-JD043C40D08A1-57ADT(43)

JD43TDPR VER: 1.01-JD043C40D08A1-57ADT(43) color storage drive module.Input CVBS (PAL) signal, it has photo, video, storage, support for the deletion of all pictures, can set the time and date of the display, at the same time on the image effect adjustment, power-down memory, OSD time superposition function, display effect, clock control And so on through the button adjustment or RS232 communication serial port to send commands, OSD menu display.
480× 3(RGB)×272

●Support CVBS signal input 
● Support PAL and NTSC video format
● Keypad adjusting, option Keypad board
● Support customize DC 5V or DC 12V input
● LCD brightness is 315~385 cd/m2

● Build-in OSD menu displaying

● Video door bell and video door phone products
● Video intercom system for building
● Intelligent smart home products
● Video image displaying electronic equipments
● Surveillance equipments (car monitor, portable monitor…)