1.   Overview

With the progress of the digital era, the digital intelligent building system has also become the leading products in the security industry, leading the direction of the industry.

The digital intelligent video door phone is a product not only for confirming the visitors, but also offering intercom, home security, appliance control, access information and multimedia entertainment as one of the intelligent home platform.


2. Functions

2.1 Visitor talkback

1)  Outdoor station call room unit for talkback.

2.2 Open the door

1)  IC/ID card to unlock

2)  Room station open the door

2.3 Video surveillance

1)  User could monitor the villa outdoor station via room unit, and save pictures into room unit.

2)  Management center or security booth could monitor the villa outdoor station via internet.

2.4 Auto long distance updates the software

1)  Villa outdoor station will automatic detect the latest software version, and update it in time.


3. Operation

3.1 Calling

1)  Press “call” button, the villa station will call room unit and talkback, When the light is darkness, the camera IR will automatic working; when light is normal, camera IR will be not working.

3.2 Unlock function

1) Swipe the card on top of villa outdoor station to unlock..

2) Visitor call room unit to unlock.


4. Video Intercoms

1) Dual way intercoms with outdoor station or any other indoor monitor

2) A shortcut key to call the administration center

3) Telephone book/Address Book storing all the room numbers of householders in neighborhoods


5. Monitor

1) Monitor the building outdoor station

2) Monitor the villa/second confirmation unit 

3) Monitor the IP cameras connected


6. Records

1) View the message sent by management center

2) View the security arming or disarming record

3) View the Alert record

4) View the photo record captured while monitoring

5) View the call record 

6) View the leaving message by visitors


7. Security

1) Quick arm or disarm by click one button

2) View the every security type or status 


8. Smart Home

1) Supporting six smart home modes

2) Controling all the applications of the smart home system, including air conditioning, curtains, and 



9. User Set

1) System info.

2) Ringtone

3) Screen saver

4)Time & Date

5) Passcode

6) Volume

7) Delay

8) Brightness

9) Cleaning Screen

10) Wallpaper

11) Language


10. System Set

1) Security

2) Room number

3) Villa

4) System password

5) System reset

6) IP Camera

7) Color adjust

8) upgrade