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JD567T123A + 6124P VER: 1.00-AT070TN90-18B color memory driver module consists of JD567T123A + 6124P VER: 1.00 memory driver board and (AT070TN90-18B) screen. Input CVBS and AHD signals, with PAL and NTSC two formats, it can achieved automatic recognition, press button to adjust color, brightness contrast, OSD menu support language (English). It is mainly used for video doorbell, video phone, building intercom and other display electronic devices.

Features :
●Support CVBS、AHD signal input 
● Support PAL and NTSC video format
● Keypad adjusting, option Keypad board
● Support customize DC 5V or DC 12V input
● LCD brightness is 210~260 cd/m2
● Build-in OSD menu displaying

Applications :
● Video door bell and video door phone products
● Video intercom system for building
● Intelligent smart home products
● Video image displaying electronic equipments
● Surveillance equipments (car monitor, portable monitor…)