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JD40M05 VER:1.02–JD040H54D08A0-32SAT(56)TFT LCD Color Dight Module. This procuts is composed of JD40M05 VER:1.02 drive board and JD040H54D08A0-32SAT(56) Panel. CVBS signal input, PAL and NTSC formats which two formats can be automatic identified. pushbutton adjustment , OSD menu display. This LCD Module is mainly used for video door phone and other display equipments.

Features :
● Support 1 channel CVBS signal input
● Support PAL and NTSC video format
● Keypad adjusting, option Keypad board
● Support customize DC 5V or DC 12V input
● LCD brightness is 320±20 cd/m2
● Build-in OSD menu displaying

Applications :
● Video door bell and video door phone products
● Video intercom system for building
● Intelligent smart home products
● Video image displaying electronic equipments
● Surveillance equipments (car monitor, portable monitor…)