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JD2MOV10HF CMOS color camera module, using1/2.7〞CMOS image sensor. It is suitable for all kinds of electronic equipments which need to take video signals. The product camera module has the characteristics of small volume, high frame rate, accurate color reduction, clear image, low power consumption and high reliability.
54x38 38x38 32x32mm
3.6mm /2.8mm 3.7mm 4.3mm

● Digital wide dynamic , High frame rate: 720P 60FPS/1080P 30FPS in MJPG format
● USB1.1/2.0 interface, free driver

● 1/2.7〞CMOS image sensor

● Good image effect
● Digital wide dynamic Image Output Format is MIPEG/YUV2(YUYV)

● Office electronic equipments
● Instruments, instruments and measuring instruments
● machinery equipment
● Monitoring equipment (vehicle monitor, portable video collection, remote monitorin
● Household goods (visual doorbell, video telephone)

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